From sun burn to washed out…

Well what week, two extremes in two days, thankfully we managed to get a good 1.5m full width cut on some of the parishes ‘permissive paths’ this week.

In all a healthy 1.2km track cut ready to have the overgrowth also cut back later this week. Plan is then to move on and start to clear some footpaths to the west of the parish… volunteers always welcome!

Other news, we attended an interesting meeting held by the North Chilterns Community Landscape Initiative which focused on future community, Wildlife and heritage within the North Chilterns area.

We also assisted the Bedfordshire Police in recovering suspected stolen property for a parish footpath.

If that was not enough work has been taking place to promote the Forestry Commission ‘Keep It Clean’ campaign that brings both commercial and public awareness to the pests and diseases threatening British woodland. More on this subject to come!

Hello world!

Hello World!

So post number 1 on our shiny new blog and I guess it is a great place to highlight some of the many streams of information that we at BCC HQ receive that you our valued readers should be aware of.

Does January 1st 2026 ring any bells? NO? oh dear…. If you are a walker, a rambler, a cyclist, mountain biker, cyclocross rider, horse rider, byway user, land owner, farmer etc then you need to be aware of a clause in right-to-roam legislation introduced by the Labour government in 2000 stated that any pre-1949 paths must be recorded by 2026 to continue to carry public rights. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act contained a provision that will extinguish those rights if the paths have not been properly recorded.

Over the next few weeks we will look at how this effects us in the parishes of Barton Le Clay and those around us.